Date & Time: October 15 2017 at 11 am
           Place : 9942 Bixby Circle, Villa Park , Ca. 92861

1)  Selection of Ad Hoc Committee for our Christmas Party
2)  Bible Synopsis by Dr. Lee, Kang Min
3)  Main Speaker  ;  Dr. Oh, Hyung Kil
               Topic      ;  Organ Donation
4)  Brief Presentation of the Saint Gabriel Foundation followed by
     Music from Marguerite Kaiser & de Valverde
5)  Birthday Celebrations for
a) Dr. Byung H. Choi  b) Dr Jae Uh Shim  c) Dr U T Yang  d) Dr Yoon S. Kim
  e)  Mrs. Myung J. Lee ( Dr Jae j Lee) f) Mrs Ka I. Lee ( Dr Keun Woong Lee)
   g) Dr Terry Rhee  h) Dr Ui Shin Kim  i) Dr Moo Gil Choe  j) Dr Dong S. Han
   k)  Dr Sang Sun Ahn
 Please come and enjoy music entertainment and our fellowship



Date & Time ;  Sep.17 2017 at 11 am

           Place: 9942 Bixby Circle, Villa Park , Ca. 92861


1) Committee Meetings

2)  Main Speaker ;  Dr. Chung, Charles (Chi Il )

                   Topic ;  Sleep & Dream

3) Birthday Celebrations for

   a) Dr. Park, Jong Sik   b) Dr. Yoo, Tai Young  c) Mrs.Chung, Myung Jin (Dr Chung, Yun Jo)

   d) Mrs. Shim, Kwang J.(Dr. Shim,Zae Uh)  e) Mrs. Lee,Jong Sook (Dr. Anthony Lee)

   f ) Mrs. Oh,Jung Sook (Dr. Oh, Chung Hyun ) g)  Mrs, Chung, Jung Ja (Dr. Chung ,Jin Sung)

4) Kitchen / Table Assignment


   Dr & Mrs. Lee, Suk W.   Dr. & Mrs. Lee , Jae Sung   Dr. & Mrs. Lee, Keun Woong



Yesterday 12 golfers from our club have participated BKC Charitable golf Tournament and 

one of our members who could not pay donated  $1000 to BSMC  for the mission,building New Hope Kindergarten in remote inland Cambodia so we donated $1000 for that purpose and thanks for that donation.


Best golfer among our members was Dr. Roh,I.K. with 10 over par (82) and Dr. Charles Chung

shot 12 over (84) which are excellent scores in this  tough Tolega Golf course and congratulate

to them.


Also appreciate greatly to  all participants from our club for this charitable golf tournament



 Please come this September meeting and enjoy.